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(46) 廣東紫薇
Lagerstroemia fordii
Oliv. & Koehne
千屈菜科 (Lythraceae)
英文名 (English name): Ford's Crape Myrtle

Status in China: Vulnerable (VU)

Description: Trees, 5-8 m tall. Leaves alternate, papery, oblong-lanceolate, 6-10 cm long, 2.5-3.5 cm wide, apex caudate-acuminate, base cuneate, lateral veins 4-5 pairs. Panicles 6-12 cm long, grayish white tomentose; calyx 5-6 mm long, white pubescent, with 10-12 ribs; lobes 6, triangular; petals 6, cordate-orbicular, 1-1.2 cm long including claws; stamens 25-30; ovary glabrous. Capsule ellipsoidal, brown, 1-1.2 cm long, 6-8 mm in diam.

Distribution: Wong Chuk Hang, Tai Tam, Cape D'Aguilar, Aberdeen, Mount Nicholson, Pok Fu Lam, Happy Valley, Lantau Island. Guangdong, Fujian.

Habitat and ecology: In thin forests. Flowering: Jun.-Oct.; fruiting: Aug.-Oct.

The colourful flowers make it an attractive ornamental plant. It is threatened by over collection for cultivation. In Hong Kong, most of the localities of occurrence are in the Country Parks under protection. The species has been listed as protected species under the Forestry Regulations (Cap. 96 sub. leg.).



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