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Shing Mun fung shui wood

The 6-hectare Shing Mun fung shui wood in Shing Mun Country Park is situated on the northeastern side of the reservoir. One of the earliest Sites of Special Scientific Interests in Hong Kong, it was listed for preservation in 1975.

You may wonder why the forest is not sheltering any village. But it was, until 1929, when the old hamlet of Tai Wai was relocated to make way for Shing Mun Reservoir. Today only a fung shui wood remains to stand witness to its history. Undisturbed by human activities for decades and further protected by the Country Park Ordinance, this pristine forest excels in species richness, size and integrity. Indeed, it is one of the most representative fung shui woods of Hong Kong.

Nam Fung Road fung shui wood

The 4-hectare Nam Fung Road fung shui wood spreads along the south face of Mount Nicholson. The northern boundary runs along the catchwater, while Nam Fung Road marks the border to the south. The forest is now traversed by Lady Clementi's Ride. Visitors can follow this path to see the trees and structure of the forest. The Nam Fung Road fung shui wood was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interests in 1993.

The Nam Fung Road fung shui wood is the only one of its kind on Hong Kong Island, with its ecological value comparable to the Shing Mun fung shui wood. Boasting an impressive variety of trees and climbers, it ranks top in plant diversity in the AFCD survey on Hong Kong fung shui woods.

Mui Tsz Lam fung shui wood at Ma On Shan

Mui Tsz Lam fung shui wood sprawls across 2 hectares of countryside near the border of Ma On Shan Country Park. It is a habitat of high ecological value.

Mui Tsz Lam is a fine exhibition of plant diversity. Supporting 72 fung shui wood indicator species, by far the greatest number in Hong Kong, it stands out from other Fung shui forests. Set on mid slopes some 130-160m above sea level, it is a fung shui wood of unusually high elevation.

Lai Chi Wo fung shui wood

Lai Chi Wo fung shui wood sits on the northwestern side of Lai Chi Wo Village in Sha Tau Kok. A substantial part of the wood lies within the Plover Cove Country Park. Offering picturesque scenery and a unique collection of trees, this remote forest has become a hot eco-tour destination in recent years.

Lai Chi Wo fung shui wood has more than 100 plant species, which is quite impressive for its humble size. Many of the trees are rare in Hong Kong, and there are some well preserved specimens of individual charm, such as the Five-finger Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) and White-flowered Derris (Derris alborubra).

She Shan Tsuen fung shui wood

Nestled in Lam Tsuen Valley, She Shan Tsuen has a 5.7-hectare fung shui wood. Part of the forest is now listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

There are many uncommon and protected species in this fung shui wood, such as the Bird-nest Fern (Neottopteris nidus), Hance’s Ardisia (Ardisia hanceana) and Illigera (Illigera celebica). Illigera is the host plant for the rare butterfly White Dragontail (Lamproptera curius). Lam Tsuen Valley, in which She Shan Tsuen fung shui wood stands, is home to a host of native birds. Uncommon bird species such as Rufous Woodpecker (Celeus brachyurus) and Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius) have been recorded in the She Shan fung shui wood, demonstrating the value of this sylvan environment as a habitat for wild animals.
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