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Pak Mong fung shui wood in Lantual Island

Litchi chinensis

Fung shui woods offer a great sense of security to villagers, not only because they are rooted from geomancy, but also because their existence has significant cultural and ecological value.

Fung shui woods can bring beneficial changes to the microclimate. In summer, they mitigate the devastating impact of typhoons, provide cool shade, and lower the local temperature within the village. In winter, they create a better living environment by keeping the dry chilly north wind at bay. The woods behind rural villages act as natural barriers. They intercept mountain torrents and sliding mud in the event of landslide, while dense broad-leaved tree forests are perfect fire breaks to halt spreading hillfires.

Economically, fruit trees on the fringes of fung shui woods can create extra income by providing food, herbal medicine, firewood and timber.
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